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KB Interdental Brush L Type
2017-04-11 10:40:57

KB Interdental Brush

KB’s interdental brushes have various designs and sizes.

KB’s interdental brushes provide you with the high practical quality products through its own technic and know-how.



1.What is the interdental brush?

The interdental brush is the effective oral care product which can prevent an oral disease and bad breath through removing the particles between teeth where cannot be reached by a normal toothbrush and massaging gums.

- KB’s interdental brushes have various designs and sizes so that users can choose the right design and size.


2. High quality interdental brush

Totally 6 sizes KB interdental brush have improved with a strong SUS wire and top quality Dupont nylon, which can be used twice than other branded products.

Sanitary store and carry due to its cap.

KB’s I-type interdental brush has a straight neck, but it can be bended for extra good access between the back teeth.


3. How to use

- Insert the bristle slowly and gently into the gap between your teeth and move it back and forth to clean.

- It is easier to bend the brush when using the product for difficult parts such as molars.

- Rinse the bristle with running water and dry to store.


4. Accessories

  • Portable case for 2pcs, 5pcs of interdental brush

        Easy to keep clean and store.

  • Cap

        Easy to keep clean and store.

        Easy to use after put it in cap.



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